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PointsBet , which propelled in Australia in 2017, opened its NJ online games betting site in December 2018 through its organization with Meadowlands Racetrack .

PointsBet Sportsbook offers traditional fixed odds markets and a unique PointsBetting feature, in which the successes or misfortunes aren't fixed, however rely upon how right (or wrong) your wager is. PointsBetting is accessible on US sports including NBA , NFL , MLB , NHL and a wide choice of worldwide brandishing events.

Players will acknowledge PointsBet’s inviting mentality toward winning players, solid reward and special worth, and the extraordinary approaches to wager offered through the PointsBet platform.

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  • Innovative wagering stage with interesting features
  • Top-indent special offers
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PointsBet store reward offer

PointsBet now has an incredible new store reward offer on tap – Deposit $50, Bet With $150 . Essentially, players who deposit $50 or more will get a moment $100 bonus .

There’s no scaling on this offer – a $49 store will get no reward, and any reward over $50 still gets the $100. All things considered, use promotion code PLAYNJ to exploit this extraordinary deal.


Online Sportsbook PointsBet Sportsbook NJ
Promo Code PLAYNJ
Free Bet Offer Deposit $50. Wager With $150.
Additional Bonus Offers Not available
Online Since 2018
Last updated November 5, 2019

PointsBet Sportsbook promotions for November 2019

Download PointsBet's NJ sports wagering app

In expansion to work area access, there is a PointsBet portable application accessible for both Android and iOS devices.

PointsBet NJ'S sports offerings

PointsBet covers the major US professional and school sports and has broad inclusion of international soccer . Additionally, remaining consistent with its Australian roots, PointsBet offers markets on Aussie rules football , cricket as well as darts and rugby .

The rundown of business sectors you can wager on include:

  • Aussie rules football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Entertainment (e.g., Academy Awards)
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Mixed military arts
  • Motorsports
  • Rugby union
  • Soccer
    • England: Premier League, League 1 & 2 and FA Cup
    • Germany: Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2; DFB Pokal
    • France: Ligue 1 & 2; French Cup
    • Italy Series A & B
    • Belgium
    • Denmark
    • Greece
    • Mexico
    • Netherlands
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • Switzerland
    • Turkey
    • US Major League Soccer
  • Tennis

Bet types

PointsBet offers something for every one of its clients, from fixed chances to the elite PointsBetting formats.

Fixed odds


A moneyline wager is a bet in a group to win inside and out. Since it's uncommon that two groups are evaluated similarly by oddsmakers, you are required to pay a premium to bet on the better group in a given matchup. On the other hand, a book will be boosting a wager on the more awful group with higher potential returns.

For model, if Team X is a - 300 most loved on the moneyline, you would need to bet $3 to procure a benefit of $1 (for an absolute return of $4 — the first stake in addition to rewards). Then again, if Team X is a +300 dark horse on the moneyline, the equivalent $3 wager would bring about a $9 benefit (for an all out return of $12 when considering in the $3 stake).

Spread betting

The spread (also known as the side) is the technique oddsmakers use to equalize two teams for betting purposes. The book accomplishes this by requiring the better group to win by a foreordained number of focuses for a wager in that group to cash.

For model, if Team X is supported by 6.5 focuses over Team Y, a wager on the top pick "giving" 6.5 focuses implies Team X would need to win by at any rate seven points for the wager to money. Then again, a wager on the dark horse "getting" 6.5 focuses implies Team Y could lose by upwards of six points, and the wager would in any case be a winner.

Books regularly value spread bets at - 110 odds on both the favorite and underdog , which means you should hazard $1.10 to deliver a net win of $1 (for an all out return of $2.10 — unique stake in addition to winnings).

The most customary kinds of bets, a spread can be wagered as a solitary game bet or become some portion of a parlay. In those situations, you can consolidate at least two spreads in a parlay to make higher potential payouts.

While it's standard practice for oddsmakers to list the spread for any matchup before tolerating bets, a one of a kind component of the PointsBet Sportsbook enables its clients to start that procedure themselves.

This occurs by allowing bettors to decide the exact spread they would favor for a given matchup. Bettors at that point get comparable chances to that modified number.

For model, say Team X is posted as a seven-point most loved versus Team Y at - 110 chances. Nonetheless, on the off chance that you like to bet on Team X as a three-point most loved. The gambler only needs to use the " Pick Your Spread" feature to demand your favored spread, and the book will respect the tweaked spread at a balanced price.

You should pay a top notch while mentioning a customized spread that gives a higher likelihood of winning than the posted spread, (for example, in the model above). Alternately, mentioning a modified spread that has a lower likelihood of winning than the posted spread will bring about heightening potential returns.


The absolute, otherwise called the over/under , alludes to the aggregate number of anticipated focuses in a given matchup. You have the choice of betting on the joined score of the two groups either going over or under the recorded total.

For model, say oddsmakers list a sum of 47 for a football match-up between Team X and Team Y. On the off chance that you make a bet on the more than, a triumphant wager requires the groups to score at any rate 48 joined focuses. On the off chance that the complete winds up at 46 or less the wager would lose, while a potential last score of 27-20 — for precisely 47 points — would bring about a push, which means you would get a discount of your stake.

Similar to spread wagers, b ooks as a rule value aggregates at - 110 odds on both the over and the under, which means you should chance $1.10 to win a benefit of $1 (for an all out return of $2.10 — unique stake in addition to winnings).

In expansion to their notoriety as single-game wagers, aggregates are likewise regularly utilized as a major aspect of parlays. In those situations, you can join at least two aggregates in a parlay to make higher potential payouts.

As with changing the focuses spread, PointsBet likewise offers you the chance to decide the precise all out you would prefer for a given matchup. You at that point get comparing chances to that redid number.

For model, say the all out is posted at 47 out of a matchup between Team X and Team Y, however you incline toward an aggregate of 43 to make a bet on the over progressively winnable. At that point you simply need to use the "Pick Your Total" feature to demand your favored aggregate, and the book will respect the altered aggregate at a balanced price.


A prop wager is a bet on a particular player-or group related occasion during a game, with comparing chances allocated to the potential results of that event.

Also known as the suggestion, the most effortless approach to comprehend a prop wager is to consider it a situation that an oddsmaker presents to bettors, who then decide whether that situation will occur .

For a player-related model, "Player X will score a touchdown" speaks to a typical football prop. You can take a yes or no situation on the prop , with the chances of every result fluctuates relying upon the player.

If, for example, oddsmakers dole out +130 chances to the yes result and Player X scores a touchdown, at that point on the off chance that you bet $1 on that prop, it would procure a net win of $1.30 (for an absolute return of $2.30 — unique stake in addition to winnings).

For a group related model, Team X will score first in quite a while matchup versus Team Y. On the off chance that the chances of taking a no position are - 130, at that point you would need to bet $1.30 to deliver a net win of $1. On the off chance that Team X doesn't score first, the wager will money for an all out return of $2.30 — unique stake in addition to winnings.

One recognizing normal for a prop wager is that the result of the prop doesn't generally influence the result of the game. In any case, there's regularly a connection between's the two.

In the model, "Group X will score first in quite a while matchup versus Team Y," the yes result would normally connect to Team X winning because of the early lead it would have needed to build up against Team Y. Along these lines, you ought to consider the potential for comparable connections while evaluating props.

You can also customize props on the PointsBet stage by deciding the exact exhibition related prop you would incline toward for a given player. You would then get relating chances to that redid number.

For case, say Player X is alloted a scoring prop of 20 points however you lean toward a scoring prop of 15 points to make a bet on the over increasingly winnable. You only need to use the "Pick Your Prop" highlight to demand your favored prop, and the book will respect your redid prop at a balanced price.

As with point spreads and sums, you should remember that you should pay an excellent when mentioning a tweaked prop that gives a higher likelihood of winning than the posted prop, (for example, in the model above).

Conversely, mentioning a modified prop that has a lower likelihood of winning than the posted prop will bring about raising potential returns.

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A parlay includes wagering on at least two results without a moment's delay and joining the wagers into a progressively included bet with heightening returns.

You can look over moneylines, spreads, and aggregates to add as legs to your parlay. The most significant thing to think about a parlay is that each leg must win for the parlay to cash .

For model, consider on the off chance that you make a three-leg parlay containing the Team X moneyline at - 175 chances, the Team Y moneyline at +140 chances and the Team Z spread at - 6 with - 110 chances. A $1 wager on this parlay would bring about a benefit of $6.20 (for a complete return of $7.20 — unique stake in addition to rewards). In any case, that is accepting each of the three legs hit; if Team X and Team Y both win however Team Z neglects to cover the six-point spread, the parlay would not be a winner.

As represented in the model above, parlays are extreme wagers to win. But since of their okay, high-compensate potential, they in any case speak to favored bets for some recreational bettors.

Some snappy notes on parlays: You can have a maximum of 12 legs , and cannot consolidate two legs from a similar occasion (i.e., playing moneyline and over/under).


A fates wager includes making a bet on a player-or group related result that won't be settled until the finish of that season. The most widely recognized fates wager comprises in betting in a group to win its particular association championship.

Sportsbooks will commonly discharge prospects chances for the up and coming season soon after the finish of the past season, and afterward as needs be refresh and modify the chances all through the offseason as more data gets thought about each team.

The advantage of betting on prospects is that you can transform a limited quantity of cash into a critical payout in the event that you put down your wager on the privilege long shot.

The most celebrated case of a fates wager transforming into a godsend of money came when Leicester City won the 2015-16 English Premier League title subsequent to starting the season with 5,000-to-1 chances, or, in other words a simple $1 wager on Leicester City before the season would have brought about a $5,000 win.

In-play wagering

PointsBet offers opportunities to bet in-game once the game starts. Chances are wagering choices are posted and refreshed all through each accessible live game.

What is PointsBetting?

PointsBetting takes a conventional bet like a spread, an aggregate or a prop and includes a one of a kind turn whereby your potential rewards or misfortunes aren't fixed, yet factor directly until the finish of the game.

The thought behind PointsBetting is that the more you are right in your predictions , the higher your winnings . On the other hand, the more you are off in your expectations, the higher your misfortunes. That is on the grounds that your stake is duplicated — either emphatically or contrarily — by whatever the thing that matters is between the conclusive outcome and the first spread, aggregate or prop that you wagered.

How PointsBetting works

For model, consider in the event that you bet $1 on Team X as a most loved of seven points. In the event that Team X wins by 13—covering the spread by six — you will acquire a benefit of $6 (or multiple times your unique $1 stake). Then again, if Team X wins by one point — neglecting to cover the spread by six you will lose $6 (or multiple times the first $1 stake).

Each showcase accessible for betting has its very own extraordinary multiplier top, which differs dependent on the instability of that particular advertise. For instance, a few markets may take into account a success/misfortune multiplier of up to 250x, while different markets have a 10x cap.

Depending on the multiplier top of a given market, some portion of your equalization is retained to cover potential misfortunes. Despite the top, the sportsbook consistently shows the "balance withheld," "max win level" and "max misfortune level" of a market before concluding a PointsBetting wager.

If you are a hazard unwilling bettor, you additionally have the choice of picking your tweaked multiplier tops or "stop misfortunes," which limit the potential win/misfortune multipliers for a particular bet. In this way, in the event that you pick a stop loss of multiple times and makes a PointsBetting bet of $1, you can win or lose close to $5 paying little heed to the result of the game.

Other PointsBet NJ betting types

PointsBet additionally offers a scope of wager types based around time (in minutes or seconds), player details and multipliers.

Time-based wagers for NBA, for instance, include up to 500 wager types for every game including in excess of 100 wager types not accessible at other New Jersey sportsbooks. There is a scope of wagered types that are time sensitive — in minutes or seconds — for specific occasions to likewise have the wagered sorts utilizing seconds or minutes as the units for multipliers.

Here are a few instances of the new wager types:

  • NBA: Time of first free-tosses to be made by players and groups, time of initial three-point field objective by groups and players, time of initial two-point field objective for groups and players, time for players to pass three points, five points, 10 points or 15 points; time of first fouls submitted; and much more.
  • NFL: Time of the primary objective, time of first behind, time of group passing 10 or 20 points.
  • League/Union: Time of first attempt, time of group first try's.
  • Ice Hockey: Time of first objective, time of group objectives, time of first punishment, time of first shot.
  • Soccer: Time of group and match first objective, time of second objective, time of third goal.

There are player stats type wager over every significant game. From NBA player shooting rates to player focuses, bounce back and helps, to NFL quarterback consummation to accepting/hurrying yards.

Additionally, multiplier bets allow you to back your expectations and get most extreme influence. It is an edge-of-your-seat, heart-in-the-mouth kind of wagering experience for the whole of a wearing event.

Multipliers are accessible over a scope of insights or focuses wager types for most major sports.

Deposit choices at PointsBet NJ

PointsBet right now offers the accompanying store choices, $10 least required:

  • Bank ACH/e-check
  • Visa or Mastercard credit card
  • Bank transfer
  • Casino cage at Meadowlands Racetrack

Withdrawal alternatives at PointsBet NJ

You can pull back utilizing PointsBet's card and ACH/e-check.

Customer support

PointsBet offers online chat support on an all day, every day basis . Clients can likewise contact client support via email .

PointsBet’s advantages

The sportsbook offers a multitude of wagering options within each game just as a selective PointsBetting option.

PointsBet will make great karma payouts as the circumstance warrants. The book picked up exposure by paying out New Orleans Saints moneyline bettors after a ref's missed pass impedance bring in the NFC Championship game.

PointsBet will permit you to cancel your wager within 15 minutes in the wake of setting it.

PointsBet offers unique promotions , including paying out full game moneyline bets on select games if your group is driving at halftime.

If there is a market that isn't right now on location (for the present game/occasion), you can tweet @PointsBetUSA and hashtag "nameabet" and PointsBet will cost it.

PointsBet also offers a money out option to settle a wager before the game closures to secure rewards or cut your losses.

PointsBet’s drawbacks

Currently, PointsBet offers just a limited number of store options .

Parlays are accessible yet topped at a maximum of 12 events .

There don't have all the earmarks of being any teaser or round-robin options .

While PointsBet will draw in those that are looking for the significant payday, the high-chance, high-compensate highlight might be scary to new players. There is a stop-misfortune highlight to restrict the sum that one can lose or win.

PointsBet NJ sports wagering security

As a client, you must enter your secret word and sign in each time you need to utilize PointsBet. You can likewise decide on " strong authentication " in the "My Account" page to ensure your account.

Multifactor authentication is a security framework that requires more than one approach to check your credentials.

If empowered, PointsBet will content you a code to your cell phone that must be utilized to sign in alongside your password.

Withdrawal choices at PointsBet NJ

You can pull back utilizing PointsBet's card and ACH/e-check.

PointsBet sportbook FAQ

How old does somebody need to be to play at PointsBet?

Customers must be at least 21 years old .

Do you must be in New Jersey to wager at PointsBet?

You can possibly access and bet on the sportsbook when you are within the province of New Jersey .

How does PointsBet get its betting license?

It is joining forces with Meadowlands Racetrack in New Jersey

Is there a devotion program at PointsBet Sportsbook?

PointsBet.com offers a conventional steadfastness program , even as some different sportsbooks are moving endlessly from such projects. You can follow your focuses on the "rewards" page.

As a player, you receive one rewards point per dollar you bet on fixed chances markets. Likewise, one point for every dollar won or lost on PointsBetting markets, just as five prizes focuses for every dollar bet on parlays. After you settle your bets, you at that point get the focuses. Focuses would then be able to be recovered for cash: 100 focuses = $1 .

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