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Updated on September 5, 2019

So rich is the embroidered artwork woven by Greek Mythology that it’s straightforward why it’s such a well known wellspring of motivation for slot games. There's the popular Zeus arrangement of games , with a lot of others dependent on saints and other famous (or disagreeable) figures from these amazing stories. Well now NetEnt has another game to add to the rundown in the state of the Divine Fortune slot.

Don't let the name trick you. This is a Greek legend-themed space, regardless of whether some kindred commentators didn't exactly comprehend why a "bull, winged creature and lion" was incorporated nearby the Medusa ! Allow me to clarify. The four principle heroes on this space are on the whole fearsome animals from Greek Mythology. There snake-haired Medusa is anything but difficult to spot. The "bull" is the Minotaur, while the "fledgling" is the Phoenix. Finally, the "lion" is the dreaded Nemean Lion. Now that we have that cleared up, how about we perceive how the space plays.

Overview: Divine Fortune

Divine Fortune is somewhat not the same as most NetEnt spaces. Alongside its 5×3 reels and 20 paylines—which are quite standard NetEnt toll nowadays—there is a trio of dynamic big stakes you can win. The Minor big stake is the littlest. The Major is the average sized bonanza. The Mega is the a lot bigger dynamic with wins during the countless dollars.

Given this is a dynamic opening, you'd anticipate that it should play somewhat more tightly than most NetEnt spaces. Without a doubt it does. Wins are difficult to get. This implies it’s at any rate a medium change space. Some would even push it toward the higher change end of the scale. Positively, you'll have to pick your coin esteem and level cautiously to guarantee you don't eat through huge pieces of your bankroll.

Who will the Divine Fortune space request to?

There is clearly an enormous market for Greek legend-themed openings given what number of are accessible. Aficionados of those games will surely appreciate Divine Fortune. The expansion of a trio of dynamic big stakes implies that opening players who want to play the kind of space where one turn can grant you an extraordinary success, will absolutely be giving the opening a try.

However, given how this space plays through the audit procedure, I would state this is a game which will just truly speak to players who need an opening that offers them incidental enormous successes. This isn't an 'esteem' space which grants normal littler successes. This is a space which can eat your bankroll entire now and again. So it is undoubtedly fit to players that lean toward games that offer a major payout on uncommon occasions.

Gameplay: Divine Fortune

Once you load up the Divine Fortune opening you’re promptly dazzled by the smart plan. Even statues of a shapely Greek woman, maybe one of the Vestal Virgins , are found either side of the reels. A Grecian urn that looks to be embellished with valuable rubies is situated on the right. Essentially set your coin esteem (from $0.01 up to $0.50 per turn for 20 paylines). At that point select your Level from 1 to 10 (this essentially duplicates the quantity of coins you bet per payline) and you are on your way.

It is basic that you select your bet size accurately. Most progressives are very unstable spaces and wins are not normal, and in that capacity you do expect persistence to open the greater successes in the game.

The base game sees the typical playing card low images on the reels from Jack through to Ace. These grant lower esteem wins of up to 80 coins. The four mythological beasts offer successes of up to 600 coins. They increment in esteem from the Phoenix to the Minotaur to the Nemean Lion, lastly up to Medusa. Turn five Medusa images on a payline for the 600-coin base game jackpot.


There are various different images on the reels, all of which fill a need. Every one can open a portion of the more fascinating highlights of the slot.

Pegasus , the winged pony, is the Wild image. It can substitute for all the low and high worth images sketched out above to make winning paylines. An additional element is that Pegasus is a Falling Wild . This means when you hit a Wild, you will trigger a respin where the Wild image will descend one spot on the reel. You can trigger respins up until the Wild gets off the base spot of the reel.

During the Falling Wild component, in the event that you land another Wild on the space where the Falling Wild is found, you trigger the Wild on Wild include. This sees Pegasus back up and spread the whole reel so that it’s Wild for that turn. On the respin, you likewise get another Falling Wild on the reels to build your odds of a win.

Additional features

Another image to pay special mind to is the hand fastening a jolt. This is the Free Spins image. Land three, four or five over the reels for awards of 5, 8 or 12 free twists. During Free Spins, any Wild arrived on the reels turns into a Wild on Wild image. This will at that point extend to cover the reel for that turn. Falling Wilds is additionally dynamic in this round and you can retrigger free turns from inside the bonus.

Finally, land at least three Bonus Coin images on the reels to trigger the Jackpot Bonus image. These three images are put haphazardly on the reels before the beginning of the reward game. In the event that you land these images during the reward round, you can win from 10x to 200x your stake.

The Bonus Coins are additionally the way to winning any of the three dynamic bonanzas. During the Jackpot Bonus game in the event that you land a line of coins, you'll win the Minor big stake. Two columns of coins triggers the Major big stake, while land each of the three lines with coins and you will win the Mega Jackpot.

Special highlights: Divine Fortune

Falling Wild bonus

Land a Wild on any reel and it doesn't simply stay set up for one turn, yet triggers a Respin and the Wild will move one space down the reel. This rehashes until the Wild gets off the reels. Land a Wild under a Falling Wild and you turn that whole reel wild for that turn and you add another Wild to the next reels.

Free Spins

Hit at least three of the Free Spins images and you trigger 5, 8 or 12 free twists, which additionally has the Falling Wild reward in activity, yet in addition sees any Wild transform into a Wild on Wild image, covering that whole reel for that free spin.

Jackpot bonus

The Jackpot Bonus round offers free twists, money prizes and the opportunity to win the dynamic big stakes on the off chance that you can hit one, a few columns of coins over the reels. This is a novel and charming approach to play for the top prize in the game.

What works?

Progressive prizes

There is no uncertainty that adding dynamic big stake prizes to a space consistently kicks up the activity and energy a lot and there's no uncertainty that is the situation here on the Divine Fortune opening. The Jackpot Bonus game is an incredible method to attempt to win the top prize that is altogether different to how different openings permit players a took shots at winning the progressive.

Superb reward features

All of the extra highlights, the Wild images, the Free Spins and the Jackpot Bonus have been all around considered on the Divine Fortune opening and they cooperate to offer players some worthwhile extra adjusts once you have activated them.

Easy to play and understand

It is anything but difficult to get into the Divine Fortune opening as the base game is easy to pursue and simple to play and the distinctive extra adjusts are for the most part natural and simple to pursue. NetEnt have planned a space that truly functions admirably when you consolidate every one of the components together to give a game with profundity, yet which is likewise in a split second playable by all.

What doesn't?

Low play value

Like most dynamic big stake spaces, this is a game about the uncommon greater successes, so don't think this is an opening that is going to remunerate you consistently with mid to bring down worth successes. This opening has a poor play esteem, however it has been planned that approach to be reasonable for NetEnt, yet all things being equal, play it at a level somewhat a lot for your bankroll and you could well lament that decision.

High variance

This is a high change game. You can play for a session and leave away having lost a piece of cash. You can play for five minutes and trigger an enormous success and leave away with significantly more than you began. In the event that you are content with that, at that point that is fine.

Too numerous non-winning spins

My greatest bogeyman with the Divine Fortune opening is that there are such a large number of non-winning twists. There are not such a significant number of images on the reels but rather it appears most of twists are not champs and most successes, when they comes, are little and don't take care of the expense of your wager. Yet, it isn't abnormal to go 10, 15 or 20 twists or more without a solitary win and that becomes grinding at times.

The scores

Graphics & soundtrack 4/5

The designs are basic yet viable and they show the four fanciful animals quite well. The music is phenomenal and environmental and absolutely with regards to the idea of the opening. NetEnt openings are normally very first rate and catch the tone well indeed and Divine Fortune positively falls into that category.

Originality & imagination 5/5

I can't blame the Divine Fortune opening regarding inventiveness. Sure it is a Greek Mythology space and these are ten-a-penny in the online opening world, yet hardly any spaces have the same number of various extra highlights and afterward a dynamic big stake on top that you can access from playing a reward round, which offers standard wins close by the progressive.

Play esteem 1/5

This is the one major dark detriment for the Divine Fortune opening. This is a high fluctuation game and in that capacity, play esteem isn't incredible. Its unpredictability implies you need extraordinary persistence now and again to work through the non winning and low paying twists to hit a conventional win.

Jackpot potential 4/5

While the dynamic big stake support isn't the biggest on the Divine Fortune opening, it is positively enormous enough to warrant a lot of consideration from players who appreciate this sort of game. Add to that some not too bad successes accessible in the extra highlights and you have a space with a solid big stake potential.

Repeat play 4/5

If you bankroll reasonably for this opening and acknowledge that it is a higher fluctuation game and will probably cost you cash before you hit that enormous success, at that point there is such a great amount of layered into the Divine Fortune space that I figure numerous players will cheerfully stack up this opening to play time and time again.

Total score: 18/25

Divine Fortune is an incredible dynamic bonanza space yet one which requires tolerance and reasonable bankroll the board to appreciate the best of. This is an opening which will be appreciated by a player glad to conjecture in the desire for getting a major big stake win.

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